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Driving Your Consumer Engagements

- Simplify advertising -

OMNIUP monitors free and secured WI-FI on public locations by optimizing and monetizing existing hotspots.

Prior to the internet connection, advertisers can interact with customers on their own smartphone in a hyper targeted and geolocated way through full screen video ads, forms and banners.

What Do We Do?

We provide an innovative advertising tool

Full screen Video Ads

Deliver a 12 second, full screen Video Ad experience for better completion rates with OMNIUP advanced video solutions.

Redirection to your website

We redirect all users to your webpage for more interactions with future potential customers.

Effective banners

During users navigation on the web, we display hyper targeted banners with a high level of engagement (CTR) .

Our Main KPIs

We deliver the best results to advertisers

Video Completion Rate OMNIUP
Video Completion Rate from Competitors
Interaction with Webpage OMNIUP
Interaction with Webpage from Competitors
Click Through Rate OMNIUP
Click Through Rate Competition

What Can We Do For You ?

- An innovative way to advertise -


Our platform can run anywhere there is Wi-Fi


Target verified audiences based on measurable statistics


Connect with consumers through ad experiences that inspire action


Follow your campaign in real time with our monitoring tools

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Targeting by locations and audience served

We can help you build effective campaigns through our advanced analytics and real-time review functionalities and target users through both demographic (including social interest and category) and geographic information.



Targeting criteria


We can help your target your audience


You are able to target specifically women or men in specific locations.


According to your objectives, you can choose to reach a specific age range.

Social category criteria

You can focus on popular places or on higher social category according to the OMNIUP hub locations you target.


Hyper geolocalization

Public locations

Smart city locations, train stations, airports, public places, convention halls, etc.

Private locations

Hotels, stores, malls, coffee shops, restaurants, lobbies and common areas, etc.


We inspire actions and engagement with your customers

We manage to have best-in-class results in terms of engagement with Video Ads, webpage redirections, and high performing banners.


% Video Completion Rate


% Interactions with Webpage


% Click Through Rate

How To Create Engagement

We develop innovative ideas that inspire actions from users

Marketing Studies

Obtain insights on your potential customers by sending them marketing surveys prior to their connection.


Interact with your audience through gaming on their own smartphones.

Contact Forms

Collect data, with your consumer's consent, through detailed and tailored-made contact forms on landing pages.


- Improve your campaign -

We help you follow and optimize your advertising campaigns with advanced analytics and real-time review to maximize effectiveness.

Data Report

Brands can follow their advertising campaigns in a real time mode with comprehensive dashboards.

Real time follow up

Comprehensive data dashboard

Modification of your criteria in real-time