- Simplify Networking -

We help you MONITOR, OPTIMIZE and FOLLOW in real-time your Wi-Fi connection and COMMUNICATE directly with your customers on their own smartphones.

Start earning revenues

Make the best of your Wi-Fi service: from a simple cost, start earning revenues by displaying video ads prior to Wi-Fi connection.

Attract More Customers

You will be able to promote your business through all the locations in the OMNIUP network, driving up engagement with customers.

Easy-to-Use Solution

Our plug-and-play solution can be easily integrated to your existing internet infrastructure.

Understand Your Business

You can gain relevant insights on your business: our analytics tools help you measure in real-time mode how to drive new traffic.

Secure Wi-Fi

We can help you differentiate yourself by helping you provide a Wi-Fi service that respects security and privacy standards.

Improve Customer Experience

Customers will be drawn to your business by the free and high-quality Wi-Fi you offer.


How easy to get connected ?

A Secured Wi-Fi connectivity

Benefit from a secured Wi-Fi service and complete functionalities even in low bandwidth environment.

Comprehensive Data Dashboard & Real-time Analytics

Monitor your activity with our dashboard and reports that help you follow the availability of the service and analyze your traffic over time.

Scalability of the technology

Enjoy our plug-and Play solution that adapts to your own internet infrastructure. Hotels can be set-up in just minutes.

Quality of deployment and maintenance

Benefit from a best-in-class installation services and maintenance with guaranteed uptime from our technicians in the field.

Our Wi-Fi Platform is Your Pathway to Recovering Wi-Fi Expenses

The challenge is universal – establishments carry the burden of the expense of providing free Wi-fi for guests and visitors. But now there is a better way. OMNIUP is a Guest Wi-Fi digital marketing platform. Our unique technology is designed to broadcast full screen, un-skippable, and hyper-targeted HD video commercials, without using any application or internet bandwidth.

Plus, as a box holder, OMNIUP provides you with the opportunity to share in the advertising revenue, while also being a source for advertising your own restaurant, bar, store or entertainment within your venue.

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OMNIUP can provide reach anywhere

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  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Train stations
  • Coffee shops
  • Public places
  • Buildings

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OMNIUP is powered by Tec-Tel for setting up OMNIUP on your Wi-fi network.