• OMNIUP Set-up is Free

Reduce your free Wi-Fi costs while driving more business

The challenge is universal – establishments carry the burden of the expense of providing free Wi-fi for guests and visitors. But now there is a better way. OMNIUP is a Guest Wi-Fi digital marketing platform. Our unique technology is designed to broadcast full screen, un-skippable, and hyper-targeted HD video commercials, without using any application or internet bandwidth.

Plus, as a box holder, OMNIUP provides you with the opportunity to share in the advertising revenue, while also being a source for advertising your own restaurant, bar, store or entertainment within your venue.

There is no cost to get set-up on OMNIUP

There are two ways to get you activated on the OMNIUP platform. If you have a Cisco System, we simply connect via your IP address and OMNIUP is delivered with your free Wi-Fi. Without a Cisco System, we install our router outside your protected Internet, to ensure compliance with any of your security protocols.

Once activated, our OMNIUP Americas advertising team will take over, setting up and managing the campaigns that run on our system. The same group will provide your financial revenue share dispersants on a quarterly basis. It’s that simple.

Get started today

Tec-Tel will handle everything turnkey

OMNIUP has selected Tec-Tel Communications to be the exclusive partner to bring this technology to the America’s and OMNIUP AMERICAS as the advertising media sales arm to run and operate the advertising platform.

Tec-Tel Communications is an industry leading provider of business technology and hardware solutions, from access control, Wi-Fi access points, security cameras, cyber security, phone systems, hosted systems and more, Tec-Tel Communications is your one-stop source for all your business communication needs.